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Let’s imagine that we organized a birthday party for our son who invited a dozen children screaming home.

Definitely forget to serve your fantastic salmon canapes, or your vegetable pies. You will have to put more imagination! For you I found this solution … these fantastic spiders with ham and mozzarella.

The spiders of puff pastry
The spiders of puff pastry

Ingredients for 6 children

2 rolls of puff pastry

100 gr of pizza mozzarella
100 gr of cooked ham


40 minutes

  • Helping you with a liner make six small circles in the middle of a sheet
  • Take 6 cocottines and after having greased them well put in them the circles of dough you have made, so as to completely cover their base
  • With the rest of the pasta cut out what will later become the legs of your spider
  • Put in your “basket” of mozzarella and the cooked ham according to your taste
The spiders of puff pastry
  • Put the paws of your little spider inside your “cake” so that they come out as in the picture. The legs will have to join the center
  • Cover each cocottina with a slightly smaller disc of puff pastry
  • With the help of a brush, spread the milk on your spiders so that, when cooked, they brown
  • Use black olives to create eyes and mouth