Ingredients for 4 people

500 gr of anchovies
4 glasses of vinegar
oil q.s.
parsley q.s.


3 ore e 30 minutes



To avoid mistakes I wanted to ask a livornese d’oc how to clean an alice. To do this I went to the central market of Livorno, where I was on vacation, and not only did I ask him how to clean the fish, but also how to cook this typical Italian dish. Watch the video on our fb page [click here]

… However, for convenience …

  1. Holding your head and pulling it away with your fingers at the gills and pulling it towards you.
  2. Remove the entrails with your finger.
  3. Then open the anchovies to book and extract the spine of the fish.
  4. Rinse them anchovies under running water
  • At this point put the anchovies to marinate. If you choose to marinate in vinegar will take three hours, otherwise, in the lemon it will take a whole day
  • When the anchovies have become white they will be ready
  • Season with plenty of olive oil (I used the Tuscan one) and chopped parsley.