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Cake of sandwiches


350 g of sandwiches in whole rectangular slices
250 g of tuna in oil
A cup of capers in vinegar
A chest of peppers in oil
150 g of mayonnaise
Three baby cucumbers
250 g of spreadable
100 g of ricotta


40 minutes

  • Put the whole slice of sandwich on a flat plate and spread a thin layer of mayonnaise
  • Sprinkle with the tuna that you have previously chopped, scatter some capers and overlap another slice of sandwich
  • Repeat the operation for another four times
  • In the last layer in addition to tuna, capers and layer of mayonnaise, add the squares of peppers in oil
  • At this point, separately, blend the spreadable cheese with the ricotta until a smooth cream is obtained
  • After this operation, spread the cream obtained over the whole surface of the sandwich cake
  • Decorate with cucumber, capers, peppers that you have left aside and compose the flowers with tomato peel
  • With a pastry bag decorate your cake with tufts of cheese spread.

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