Eggs are one of the most used foods by us Italians. Just think about the number of foods that contain eggs: pasta, biscuits with which we have breakfast, cakes etc …

First of all it is useful to say that there are two types of eggs: those of Category A, which are fresh eggs and have the characteristic of having an air chamber not higher than 6 mm and 4 mm for extra ones; and Category B eggs, ie those not intended for large-scale distribution but for the processing industry (for example, producers of mayonnaise and biscuits, which must be pasteurized before using them for legal purposes).

Now we will talk about the eggs of category A, or fresh ones, for direct use.

First of all, fresh eggs must surely be:

one must easily separate the yolk from the egg white
the albumen must be clear and gelatinous
Category A eggs are classified by weight:

  • XL: over 73 grams
  • L: from 63 to 72 grams
  • M: from 53 to 62 grams
  • S: less than 52 gramS

So far I would say quite simple, but are we sure we know how to know an egg? Do we know how to read and understand the information that, according to the regulations in force, must transmit to us? You have certainly noticed that on the shell each egg appears a sort of alpha-numeric code. This is none other than the egg identity card. That’s right! Reading this code we can understand not only where they come from but also how the hens that produced it were raised. The photo below clearly shows the meaning of each code:


In more detail, the type 0 breeding is that of biological type in which the hens are fed only with natural foods, mostly outdoors. The type 1 farm is the outdoor one, where the hens can scratch in protected environments where they lay their eggs in the nests or directly on the ground. The type 2 farm is on the ground: here the hens are raised in sheds where the lights are always on and the eggs are laid in the nests or on the ground. Finally, the type 3 farm is that in a cage, where the hens lay their eggs directly in a machine set up for harvesting.

Personally I choose only eggs preferably of type 0. In any case, if I have to use them raw or cooked at low temperature, before using them I pasteurize them. How, we’ll see it in a next post.