Pino Daniele said well:

Fatte ‘na pizza c’a pummarola ‘ncoppa
Vedrai che il mondo poi ti sorriderà
Fatte ‘na pizza e crescerai più forte nessuno
Nessuno più ti fermerà”

And he was right! Because pizza is something universal, that almost everyone likes it. It will be because there are a thousand flavors but, are really rare people who do not like pizza. It is also one of those foods that children ask more from their parents. Not only. When you do not have time to cook, and you are running for study or work, guess what people order? Just her, pizza! After all, if starting from a face known for children – Michelangelo of the Ninja Turtles – ending with Dean Martin who compared the moon to a “big pizza pie”, we could really say that when we see a pizza it’s love. But where does this tasty food come from?

Meanwhile, we must say that until the nineteenth century with the term pizza all the savory pies were indicated. Only after the nineteenth century in Naples pizza assumed its most current connotation. In 1889 the Queen of Italy Margherita di Savoia was welcomed by the chef Raffaele Esposito with a food that represented Italy: red tomato, white mozzarella and green basil. This is how the famous Pizza Margherita was born, precisely in honor of the sovereign.

And you think that until 1830 it was sold only in the street stalls. Then when the Margherita was invented, it became food for the tables of the aristocrats alone, until this dish slowly conquered everyone’s table. Thus the first pizzerias were born. The Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba in Naples is considered the oldest pizzeria in Italy. Today a Unesco Heritage was elected as a poor dish, with a 60 billion Euro market behind it.

Today pizza makes it of all kinds and according to everyone’s needs and tastes. With fish, with meat, vegan, celiac, for those who are lactose intolerant … in short, now everyone can eat it. There are also many types. Among these we remember:

Now let’s see a few figures. Do you think that the longest pizza in the world was made in 2016 in Naples (1853.88 meters !!!). To make it were used 2 tons of flour, 1.6 tons of tomatoes, 2 tons of mozzarella, 60 pounds of basil and 200 liters of oil. The largest diameter was made in the 90s in Johannesburg (diameter of 38 meters) and the most distant delivery of pizza was made by Lucy Clough who traveled 16949 km to deliver a vegetarian pizza in Melbourne. In short, figures not just .. and how do you make pizza? Soon I will publish my mother’s recipe that uses the potato for the dough.