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Did you know that there are foods that are eaten but are still revolting for the stomach? If you were not aware of this, it means that then you did not learn the news yesterday that, on October 31, 2018, the first (and perhaps last) museum in the world of disgusting foods will be inaugurated in Malmo. I heard the news in the car on Radio Montecarlo and I immediately thought of what was needed an article about it. After all, if someone thought it necessary to make a museum, two lines on the subject I just had to write them! These foods will be kept under vacuum, even if you have to ask anyway with what cadence will be replaced since, if I think about the ease with which rotten the salad I put in the refrigerator, these foods however naturally go to the degradation with the passage of time . Let’s see together all the foods that, if in some countries are considered a delicacy, to the general public literally turn the stomach. For those who are interested: Entrance ticket 18 euros, children enter free.


Let’s start with an all-Italian product: the Casu Marzu, or rotten cheese. All Sardinian delicacy, made of goat’s milk colonized by the larvae of the cheese fly, which is why it is known as a cheese fly.

The insect would place the eggs on the form of cheese from which, once hatched, the larvae that feed on the cheese come out. In short, in my opinion, a goodness to understand.

In Sweden opens the Museum of disgusting foods


Malay of origin apparently is a dish that we can not really give up. In short, for all those who want a broth a bit ‘”particular”.

In Sweden opens the Museum of disgusting foods


This dish is nothing more than a “fermented” shark, which in Iceland is apparently a real delicacy.

Very ancient in origin, it was discovered by chance, when it was thought that this animal was poisonous. Someone, in fact, after having caught it, thought well to let it rot on the seashore. Someone else, probably hungry, thought it best to hang it up and let it dry and voila, terrifying smell aside, turned out not only very good but also deadly.

In Sweden opens the Museum of disgusting foods


The Scandinavian fermented herring could only enter the list of disgusting foods. These fish are fished in the spring when they are about to reproduce. Then they are left to ferment in barrels for one or two months, where they are then boxed with a very light brine, so as not to interrupt the fermentation processes.

Within a year the gases produced by fermentation start to deform the can. I only tell you that the smell is so unpleasant that this food is eaten outdoors.

In Sweden opens the Museum of disgusting foods


This dish is original of Peru where it seems very popular even by tourists who have tasted it. Apparently it seems for many an excellent alternative to rabbit meat. Bah, try to believe.

In Sweden opens the Museum of disgusting foods
Obviously these are just some of the dishes you can find at this particular museum. So who will go let me know!