Have you ever noticed how much food there is in the pictures? Vincent Van Gogh with “the potato eaters” or Andy Warhol with “Campbell’s Tomato Soup”, Giuseppe De Nittis and his “Breakfast in the garden” and many others.

All geniuses who have made incredible pictures, which have been able to enhance not only the taste of food, but also their beauty.

Paintings that seem to take shape, almost feel the scent of those apples or those cakes that become the protagonists of everyday scenes that will remain etched in history. There are even authors like Giuseppe Arcimboldo who make the fruit alive by painting reversible paintings, which depict different things depending on the point of view in which you look at them..

Just as art is inspired by cooking, the opposite is also true: the kitchen is inspired by art. And so, for some years now, the desire of chefs to draw inspiration from the great artists of the past with dishes that imitate to the point the paintings of the most famous painters, to create displeasure in people who feel guilty about eat such beauties.

So here in my opinion the chef is an artist, able to make wonderful feelings. This proves that perhaps it is not wrong who says that “Eating is the pleasure of life“.