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I can say that I know celiac disease like my pockets. I came across this pathology years ago when my sister Cinzia started to get sick: swelling, abdominal cramps, constipation, chronic fatigue. All typical symptoms that initially we did not connect to it at all. Here then a string of exams that ended with a single and unequivocal outcome: my sister was celiac.

This chronic inflammation is caused by a protein present in many more foods than we can imagine: gluten. The latter causes inflammation in the small intestine, the main site of the absorption of nutrients, which failing to enter the nutrients necessary for survival, can cause damage to the nervous system, the bones, the liver and other organs essential to our health.

Celiac disease: an increasingly widespread disease

Celiac disease is a minor disease because as I said gluten is hidden in many foods, even the most unsuspected. Beyond all that contains flour, it can be present in cured meats, sausages and all the processed products made in companies where they can be contaminated with gluten. Fortunately, nowadays, since the danger of this disease has been recognized, on the foodstands we often find the word “gluten-free” on the products. The fact that a product is declared gluten-free, however, does not protect us from risks deriving from the promiscuous use of equipment inside our kitchen. When dealing with celiac disease, attention to everything that can contaminate our food must be taken to the extreme. For example, when we make an espresso in a machine where a barley coffee has been made shortly before, we will have a drink that will be contaminated by the presence of gluten. An example of all, among the thousand that can happen during the preparation of a meal: spoons, forks, dishes must always be well cleaned and not be reused after a summary cleaning.

Celiac disease: an increasingly widespread disease

What is recommended in the presence of abnormal symptoms after the intake of certain foods is not to neglect these alarm bells and intervene in the most appropriate ways to ascertain that it is not this subtle but dangerous pathology.

Another thing that is advisable is to make present when you turn to restaurants, bars, restaurants, and so on, to the workers this problem and make sure that all the necessary precautions have been taken.

Celiac disease: an increasingly widespread disease

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