Garlic: hated and loved. First, I avoid eating it when I have to see someone, but at the same time, I can not do without it when I cook. How is this possible? Simple, one thing is to chop it when I make a filling, or simply when I make the pesto along with the other ingredients, another thing is to flavor the food with garlic.It is true that it is the “king of the kitchen”, but beyond to have a particularly pungent smell, unbearable for some, not all digest it.

There are some gimmicks to deal with these problems. The first is in removing the green sprout that is inside it and using only the white pulp. Another solution is to consume it without peeling and piercing it with a toothpick so as to make it easier to remove it from the dish. And for those who love to eat it? How can you solve the halitosis problem? In fact until today I have heard of all the colors about the remedies to eliminate the halitosis data from this food. There are those who say they eat coffee beans, who say they chew mint leaves, who claims that it is right to eat parsley. I think the methods are useful, but do not solve the problem. In the meantime, it is necessary to give a name to those responsible for heavy breathing: the allina and its derivatives, such as allicin and diallyl disulfide, all the organic sulfur compounds (and already here it is indicative). When we eat garlic, its compounds are absorbed, enter the blood and pass into the lungs. Here then the bad smell is through expiration, which through the perspiration of the skin. A method to avoid this? Wait until the sulphurous compounds are unfortunately not disposed.

But let’s see together: how many types of garlic exist?

The garlic plant is formed by a bulb covered up to half by linear, cylindrical and fistulous leaves. The envelopes are in turn covered by other smaller bulbs (the cloves). The flowers are collected in an umbrella at the apex.

This plant has been known since antiquity, when the ancient Egyptians gave it to the slaves to keep them healthy. According to an ancient legend, when Satan, with the appearance of the snake, tempted Adam and Eve by pushing them to eat the forbidden apple, he decided to leave his memory by making a garlic plant appear in the spot where Adam held his left foot and a of onion in the one in which he had the right.


A fantastic and digestible sauce for garlic lovers

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