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The creamy pasta by Luciana Gotti

This pasta is not the usual one we are used to eating. My aunt Luciana in fact cooks it as risotto, using the starch of the same. The result? Definitely spatial.

It was not a mystery to me that Aunt Luci, as a good bergamo, was a test cook, but this idea is simply magnificent. Practically in a light way with just the use of starch you get a sauce that has the consistency of the cream. Absolutely to try!

The creamy pasta by Luciana Gotti
The creamy pasta by Luciana Gotti

Ingredients for 4 people

400 gr of pasta (better maccheroncini or small size)

Half onion
Oil q.b.
50 grams of butter
Half a glass of white wine
Vegetable soup
Saffron q.b.
80 gr of champignons
50 gr of parsley
Parmesan cheese q.b.
Salt to taste


30 minutes

  • In a large, low pan fry the onion in oil and butter
  • Then add the pasta and toast the pasta as if it were a risotto
  • Wet the pasta with the white wine and add the broth a little at a time (the dough should not drown in the broth but it will serve to form a creamy sauce)
  • Add the saffron and the champignons and cook for about 20 minutes
  • When the pasta is cooked, remove from the heat and serve with a handful of parsley and Parmesan.
The creamy pasta by Luciana Gotti