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The classic tiramisù by Elisabetta Scotti

I have to thank Lisa for the fantastic tiramisu that refreshed this warm summer evening. Here for you, the recipe of the most loved spoon cake in the world, that the talented Lisa has prepared in the classic version with ladyfingers, coffee, mascarpone and cocoa.

An ideal recipe for young and old that I definitely recommend doing.

The classic tiramisù by Elisabetta Scotti

Ingredients for a baking tin

250 gr of ladyfingers

300 ml of coffee
500 gr of mascarpone
200 grams of sugar
4 fresh eggs
sweetened cocoa powder q.s.


40 minutes


For mascarpone cream:

  • Take 150 gr of water and heat it in a saucepan with the sugar
  • Take the egg yolks and mount them
  • Do the same with the egg whites
  • Once this is done, continuing to mix from bottom to top, slowly incorporate the syrup to the eggs in order to cook them (for more info view my article on the eggs)
  • Incorporate the mascarpone to them
The classic tiramisù by Elisabetta Scotti

And now let’s make the tiramisu:

  • Take the biscuits and dip them in the coffee
  • Line a baking sheet with them, creating a base
  • Put the mascarpone cream on it
  • Repeat this operation several times until you have finished the cream. NB: The last layer should be cream
  • Finish your tiramisu with a layer of sweet cocoa