The sangria …. I think there is nothing more irresistible! Fresh, summer, refreshing … in short, it has all the characteristics to be one of those drinks that can not miss from our refrigerator, especially when they start the first bbq … with friends … under the sun.

So I’ve got a hankering just thinking about it! This version, of my friend Manuela, is, as I like to define it to me, particularly “good”, that is with the addition of a little more liqueur. I drank this sangria during a theme night, where everyone, in addition to dressing with typical Spanish clothing, had to bring what, in his opinion, most symbolized the fantastic Iberian Peninsula. Manu, Spanish inside, and viscerally lover of this land, has obviously brought sangria, with a little review; the addition of rum, bitter campari and limoncello. I guarantee that, in addition to having spent a fantastic evening we finished the 5 liters of sangria that the beautiful Manu had done, even asking for an encore! In short, a recipe to try absolutely!

Ingredients for 5 l of sangria

3 liters of lambrusco
1 liter of bitter orange
200 ml of Rum
50 ml of campari bitter
50 ml of limoncello
9 tablespoons of brown sugar.
Fruit in small pieces, possibly organic:
3 apples
3 lemons
3 oranges
3 peaches
1 mango

24 hours

  • Wash lemons and oranges
  • Take a lemon and squeeze it. keep the other two aside
  • Do the same with the orange, take one and squeeze it
  • Take the rest of the oranges and lemons and cut them into cubes (leaving them with the peel)
  • Do the same with apples and peaches, without peeling them
  • Take the mango and cut it too, removing its peel
  • Pour the red wine into a large bowl and add the sugar
  • Add the bitter orange, the limoncello, the bitter campari, and the rum
  • Finally pour the orange and lemon juice that you have kept aside previously
  • Add the fruit to the whole
  • Prepare it the day before so that the fruit can make everything lovable
  • It is important to serve cold sangria and ……… y poner mucho corazón ❤

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