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The sicilian arancini by Mrs. Angela

This recipe was given to me by Mrs. Angela, who as a true Sicilian, wanted to share with us one of the most traditional foods of her land: the arancini. From those who have directly tried this dish under the magnificent sun of Sicily, who has not yet had the good fortune to visit this land and tried it in one of the local street food, fashion of the moment, this food is one of the most appreciated both in summer and in winter.

The sicilian arancini by Mrs. Angela
The sicilian arancini by Mrs. Angela

Ingredienti per 11 arancini

For the filling500 gr of minced meat choice
2 carrots
2 onions
2 coasts of celery
2 bottles of tomato sauce
200 gr of concentrate
200 gr of peas
400 gr of mozzarella (equivalent to 4 mozzarella about)
salt and pepper

For rice and breading

750 gr of rice
100 gr of grated cheese
Stale bread
2 eggs


4 hours


For the filling

  • Take celery carrots and onions and brown them with extra virgin olive oil (attention that they will only have to wilt then use a low heat)
  • Once done add the meat cut into small pieces and let it brown for a few minutes
  • Add the wine and let it evaporate
  • Put the tomato paste and, after a few seconds, the tomato sauce.
  • Stir and cook the sauce for a couple of hours
  • The sicilian arancini by Mrs. Angela

    For arancini

  • Boil the peas in a pan and, once drained, keep them aside
  • Boil the rice, being careful not to let it overcook
  • Once drained leave it to cool
  • Once cold, add the eggs and the grated cheese
  • Add the stuffing of meat sauce and the peas that have cooled in the meantime
  • Once you have done this, take some rice and shape it to form a cone in which you will place the diced mozzarella.
  • Close your arancino with more rice and when you are sure that everything is well sealed, pass it in the breadcrumbs
  • Fry your arancino in plenty of oil and serve hot
  • The sicilian arancini by Mrs. Angela